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Blacks Harbour sardine capital of the world

Sardines. They’re sold in France, Australia, Fiji, Holland, Israel, Poland, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Turkey, the United States, and Canada. But there’s only one company, Connors Bros that sells sardines in all of these countries and more than 30 others. In fact, Connors is the world’s largest sardine company with its global headquarters in … Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, a small fishing community located on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, population 1,200!

Connors is a Canadian and global success story that few people have heard of but whose product is consumed internationally by just about everybody for under $1 CDN a can. This story has strong visuals, a strong history, and an international flavour.

Titre: Blacks Harbour sardine capital of the world
Langues: Anglais Durée: 52 min
Producteur: Jean-Claude Bellefeuille
Scénario: André Veniot
Réalisation: Roger Leblanc