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Halifax - The Living Memory of the Titanic

Nothing presaged that Halifax would become, April 14, 1912, the final destination of hundreds of passengers on the Titanic. No human drama has generated as many mysteries, questions and uncertainties. 100 years later, many are still trying to understand. Yannick Allen-Larochelle is one of those. Although it has only 19 years, Yannick is fascinated by the Titanic story. For him, the visit to Halifax, nicknamed the "City of Tears" is the culmination of a long quest, the realization of a dream. Made memorable encounters with leading experts of the subject as Alan Hustak, Paul-Henry Nargeolet, Alan Ruffman and Garry Shutlak. Relive the story of the Titanic and discover the links between the Titanic in Halifax, and symbolic places which still retain, and forever, the footprints of the sinking.

Titre: Halifax - The Living Memory of the Titanic
Langues: Anglais Durée: 52 min
Diffuseur: Radio-Canada
Producteur: Jean-Claude Bellefeuille
Scénario: Charles Domingue
Réalisation: Charles Domingue