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Zachary Richard, cajun heart

World renowned singer Zachary Richard is on a quest to understand why Acadians and Cajuns are a resilient people and the pertinence of the Acadian identity today. He traces the journey of his heritage in the Acadian areas of the Maritime provinces of Canada to discover the trials and tribulations of his ancestors, the Richard and Boudreaux families. Zachary returns to Louisiana to explore what has been kept in the culture from this Acadian heritage on the 250th anniversary of their arrival here. Will he be capable of coming to terms with his past, to forgive, and look towards the futur?

Titre: Zachary Richard, cajun heart
Langues: Anglais Durée: 80 min
Diffuseurs: TV5 Canada, UNIS
Producteur: Jean-Claude Bellefeuille
Scénario: Phil Comeau
Réalisation: Phil Comeau